TVR Vixen 1300

Page last updated: 27.04.2016

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Owners Name Car Country Car Serial Number Year E-MAIL Car Infos
Chris Keith West Yorkshire, UK LVX1992/4S 23.06.1972 Details
Steve Sharpe Southampton, UK LVX2084/4S 1971 Details
Arnaud Vandermeulen Belgium LVX2112/4S 01.01.1972 Details
Nigel Lack Newbury, UK LVX2159/4S 17.12.1971 Details
Martin Hofmeister Aalborg, Denmark LVX2160/4S 18.12.1971 Details
Alec Graham Manchester, UK LVX2214/4S 1972 Details
Rene Wagner Germany LVX2306/4S 1972 Details
Alastair McQuaid Wales, UK LVX2350/4S 10/07/1972 Details
Robert Sobkowiak UK LVX2358/4S 03.08.1972 Details
Urs Schirmer Schweiz LVX2441/4S 1972 Details