Nigel Lack's Vixen 1300 LVX2159/4S

Last updated - 16.08.2011


Engine No: FH25016ME Still the original 1300 Spitfire supplied
Built: 17th December 1971
Date of First Registration: 7th January 1972
Registration Number: DVF 2K
Original Supplying Dealer: Bridge Motors (Bocking) Limited, Braintree, Essex

History: I purchased the car after as a write off in 1989 after it had been spun in a country lane: holes punched in rear around lamps, cracks to wheels arches, lost rear screen and very heavy damage to bonnet. Bought a second hand bonnet to replace the accident damaged one: donor vehicle was GHD 666H which had fitted a lighter one for racing; so I managed to get the old road trim one. Also purchased a new rear screen: my poor wife now tolerates it living under our bed ! I undertook chassis restoration work in ’89 and ’90 to replace outriggers and body fixing plates. I then moved to Berkshire in early ’91, but the car stayed garaged in Kent whilst I got married, had two children and renovated two houses. I moved the Vixen to Newbury in September 2010. Funds and time permitting, I intend to start a nut and bolt restoration to bring her back to her former glory. Keep her original with the 1300 engine or ‘Go Large’ and put in a Ford V6 Essex ? Photo attached is from ’89 when she first arrived in Tunbridge Wells on a low loader. Also attached, scan of photocopy of the original TVR Order Book that has both my Vixen 1300 and Martin Hofmeister’s LVX2160/4S which were built on successive days.

Will update as and when restoration lurches forward !

Current Owner:

Nigel Lack

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