Steve Sharpe's Vixen 1300 LVX2084/4S

Last updated - 14.01.2010


The car is currently off the road awaiting some attention.
I have owned it since 1985, rebuilt it twice, re-engined in 2001, still has 1300 Spitfire engine.
I am considering replacing engine with a 1.8 or 2 ltr Ford.
Car is kept in Southampton, Hampshire UK.
Car is 1300 Number 2, registered November 1971 and is believed to have been exhibited
at the 1971 London Motor Show.

UpDate: Car is currently off the road awaiting some attention, will respray as paint looking poor. may re-engine with a larger one.
Now have a 1993 TVR S as well for Summer driving.

Current Owner:

Steve Sharpe

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