Mark Brown's Vixen S2 - LVX1442/4

Last updated - 07.01.2016


****** 16.02.2015 *************

The car has been built to SCCBC and VRCBC specifications for road racing. It runs in the Historic 1964-1969 class.
Race History:
Westwood CA 1985-1989
Mission Raceway CA 2009-Current Season
This race car can be entered into any vintage eligible races

This car was built to the same specs as a 1969 TVR
With the sale of this vehicle you will also receive the spares which include.
- Original door frames and glass
- 4 Rims with older tires
- Original gas tank

This engine was professionally built by Specialty Engineering
It is a 1600cc Ford Kent motor with full race specs
- 711 cross drilled block
- Steel billet crank narrowed journal
- Carillo long rods narrowed journal
- JEC race pistons
- 14:1 compression
- Fully ported aluminum race head
- Full race camshaft by Kent
- Roller rockers
- Fully baffled high capacity sump
- Lightened flywheel
- Accusump oiling system
- High volume oil pump
- Remote oil filter and extra fine in line oil filter
- Twin 45DCOE webers
- Petronix Ignition
- Twin disc Tildon clutch
- Brake balance
- Aluminum radiator with integral oil cooler
- Electric Fan

Transmission and Suspension specs as follows
- Close ratio Quaife gear box
- Lightened propshaft
- Poly bushed wishbone suspension
- Penske coil over adjustable shocks
- Heavy front and rear springs
- 7/8" front roll bar
- Braided brake & fuel lines
- ATI Fuel cell
- Electric fuel pump
- Fully plumbed fire suppression system
- 5 point belts with door net
- Glass windshield, poly rear window
- Full SCCA roll cage with side and foot protection

This car has 135hp at the rear wheel which is approx 170hp at crank. This race log book is included with the sale of the car.

This would be a great car to add to any collect or just to have a little fun with on the track.

This car is currently located in Vancouver BC Canada

********* 07.01.2016 *************************

Just thought I would drop you a note to let you know I am the new owner of this lovely S2 vintage race car.

I used to race against this car in my other race car a 1969 Lotus Seven but recently moved to London Ontario I still have my lotus seven but have always wanted a TVR.

When this TVR came up for sale I could not resist as it is immaculate condition with the highest quality parts throughout and I know the previous owner /racer who is a perfectionist.

I will be racing her in Ontario and US these next few years and will be happy to send you updates if you are interested

Current Owner:

Mark Brown

To contact the owner, please route inquiries through the registar.

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