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Last Updated: 11.06.2024

****** 1 update Vixen 2500 (2094T) ******

Number of Vixen's official in Registry so far: 344

Welcome to the TVR Vixen Register

For the accurate recording of TVR Vixen's, a Registry is being compiled to help track these cars. Links are available in the registry to see pictures and more information on each car.

I am very interested in finding as many of these vehicles as possible. If you own one of these rare cars, or just know of the whereabouts of one, please send email (When you are the owner please send: Owners Name, Building year of the car, Type of Vixen, Production Number, Country, Digital photos and a little story about your TVR) to the Registry-Admin

I will treat the information supplied by owners as confidential by default. The online Registry will consist of an owner's name, and production number of his vehicle, and maybe an email address. The name, serial number or other Information will be left as anonymous if the owner desires so. A spot will be left available for a picture and additional info if the owner desires so.

For those interested in cars or parts for sale, I have a Sales&Wanted page.

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