David McCallum's Vixen S2 - LVX1256F

Last updated - 04.12.2003


Please find details of the TVR Vixen S2 that I own (it is currently on long term rebuild)

Owners Name: David McCallum

Building Year of Car : 1969 (registered in UK 06 03 1969)
Type of Vixen : S2
Production number : LVX1256F
Country: UK
Photos: Sorry no photos yet.
History: I purchased the car in 1990 as a rebuild project. I have driven the car on the road only briefly as after the first rebuild the rear offside wheel bearing siezed on me and spun the car at speed causing some damage. Since then the car has been on long term rebuild. I purchased the car from David Gerald TVR after they had re-imported the car back into UK from Jersey. The car is fairly unusual as it is a very early S2 Vixen and has the original "sausage" bonnet which has a long bulge running from front to rear offset on the right hand side. I have only ever seen a rare publicity shot from a press release for the 1968 Earls Court Motor Show which shows a Vixen fitted with this bonet. I have repainted the car in its original Regal Red colour.

Current Owner:

David McCallum

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