Phil Nolte's Vixen S2 - LVX1671/4

Last updated - 16.03.2016


************* 02.07.2014 ***************************

I am now the owner of the subject TVR. I have been familiar with the car for approximately 30 years and I am very proud to own this one now!

I want to restore it to original and I may need help tracking parts down!

The body is off the frame

The hood has a crack over the front left wheel

The engine/transmission is missing

All five (5) of the magnesium wheels that came with the car are there

No front glass

No rear glass

Frame is there

Differential is in frame
I have a long history with this car and despite itís condition, I am optimistic about itís future, especially with the many resources I have found on the web!

****** Update 16.03.2016 ***************************

Sold to the new owner, Mr. Phil Nolte

Current Owner:

Phil Nolte

Former Owner:

George Carroll, USA

To contact the owner, please route inquiries through the registar.

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