Don Gindelberger's Vixen S2 - LVX1554/4

Last updated - 10.07.2020


******* update 27.03.2013 ***************************

1600 S2 pulled out of the woods after 30 years, currenty being brought back to life. Needs everything...

******** update 15.06.2015 *************************

Car is sold to Lee Goldstein

******** update 01.11.2015 *************************

some new pictures added

******** update 02.05.2016 *************************

restoration underway

info and progress pictures on my website

******** update 19.12.2017 *************************

Car sold to Jeff Burger

******** update 10.07.2020 *************************

Car is sold to Don Gindelberger

He plan to continue restoring the car which I believe was started by Lee Goldstein who owned the car prior to Jeff’s purchase

Current Owner:

Don Gindelberger

Former Owner:

Dennis Reale

Lee Goldstein

Jeff Burger

To contact the owner, please route inquiries through the registar.

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