Stephen Taylor's Vixen S2 - LVX1391/4

Last updated - 18.01.2008


After 39 years of owning my Vixen S2 since building it I am please to announce that it is still on the road alive and well around the Hampshire / Berkshire border.

Registration # YLH 100G
Chassis # LVX/1391/4
Purchased 17th May 1969
First Reg 2nd. July 1969

I bought the kit from John Britten Garages in Arkley, North London in the Spring of 1969. The price at the time I believe was £1150 plus £48 for the wires and if I recall correctly, was the same price as an MGB GT.

I had it supplied with wire wheels preferring them to alloys just being offered. The colour was metallic Sherwood Green.
Not long afterwards I managed to get the front corner bumper run over by some horse transport lorry and replaced the bonnet with a new Tuscan type . The entire paintwork is still original except for the bonnet re-spray which I also had the three ‘bulges’ painted a ‘go faster’ red
Many years ago, having covered over 100,000 miles I managed to slit the sump open on a gate support and ran it dry of oil. I naively had an engine transplant from the subsequently notorious Heathrow Engines and to this day I cannot be sure the replacement was a GT one.
Later I dropped a tooth out of the crown wheel and found what I believed was a Mark IV Spitfire to replace it.
But ever since I can remember the engine has momentarily faltered on gunning the accelerator and many dismantlings of the Webber has left me wondering about two loose tiny brass inserts in the carb casting.. Which of the four casting drillings should the be fitted?
I love the car still ( It had been my poor man’s Aston dream car that led me to buy one) but I am always am hesitant about this cough on acceleration.
Does it go as well as it did when it was young or have modern cars like Sierras just got faster over the years?
Probably if I weren’t so cheap and had more time in my retirement I ought to have the carburettor rebuilt, the rear axle teeth counted and the engine checked over an see if performs as I seem to remember it die when I first had it and before having modern saloon cars.
Hope this info useful to include into your records.
I have not been to a TVR meet for years but any idea whom I might contact for some advice on maintenance problems?

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Stephen Taylor

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