Michael Lischer's Vixen S2 - LVX1882/4

Last updated - 04.10.2006


I bought Vixen, registration number WFU 862 J, from Allen Preston in March 2006. The car is in fantastic shape and I am enjoying it very much! The body and interior were restored by David Gerald Sportscars Ltd. around 1998. Allen bought WFU in January 1999. While in Allen’s ownership, the suspension was restored with poly bushes and the engine improved by increasing the displacement to +/- 1700cc, fitting a “hot” cam and twin Webers. A five speed transmission was also fitted. WFU handles great and the engine enjoys high revs! It only gets driven in good weather and to car shows and resides in my garage in Buckinghamshire, England.

Current Owner:

Michael Lischer

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