Donny Lang's Vixen S2 - LVX1638/4

Last updated - 31.05.2006


The car was purchased from Hayes Harris (Wire Wheel in Vero Beach) in late 2001 as a project car.
It came out of Palm Beach Gardens where the previous owner installed an SVO Mustang turbo/intercooled 2.3 with a T5 transmission. The car looks to have been run with the driveline, but never driven.
Since the car has already been modified with no trace of the original driveline, my plan is to install a 1966 Ford 289 with a T5 with a Jag/Salisbury rear. The engine is built, but the SVO T5 probably will not handle the power. The rear is not yet assembled, and hanging the rear will have to wait untill the body is off the chassis.
I am still missing some parts, including the glass side windows the previous owner had plexigass with nylon lift straps). It will be a while getting this one together! Anyone interested in purchasing an SVO driveline?

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Donny Lang

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