Robert Seligman's Vixen S2 - LVX1260/F

Last updated - 20.02.2017


The car is sold to Bob S.. The following Infos are from the previous owner.

Hello all. My name is Neil and I own a 1969 TVR Vixen S2 with the 1600cc Ford Cortina engine. I have owned this car for several years and it was running when I purchased it. I drove the car for a few years before I realized that there was some frame damage that needed to be addressed. Since the body needed to come of the frame to perform the repairs, I decided to perfrom a frame up restoration of the car. The frame is done and now it's time for all the rest or the car. I don't know much about its history like exactly when it was built, imported into the States, original color... that sort of info, but am trying to find out as much as I can. Information regarding the availability of any type of part for the car will be greatly appreciated. In particular, any information about performance parts for the suspension and engine. I would like to keep the car as original as possible, but would not mind an upgrade here or there. I look forward to hearing from other owners.

Infos from the new owner:
Car is almost restored. It will be repainted the original color "Saluki Bronze".
Two remote brake boosters have been added. The car has twin single circuit master cylinders that were un-boosted.
As far as I can determine this is the only production car with twin single circuit master cylinders. Possibly an early attempt at a dual circuit brake system required by U.S. regulations.
The chassis was replaced with a rebuilt Vixen chassis from a later Vixen (LVX1394/4.
All suspension and driveline replaced or rebuilt. Rebuilt engine and transmission and differential.

I will provide photos once completed.

****** update 22.10.2013 **********************************************************

Information from previous owner "neil" was inaccurate.

The "repairs" of the frame were horrendous. It required that frame to be replaced.

The car is now complteted.

Dual circuit brakes. I replaced the original "clay pipe" Girling cylinders with these Girling master cylinders. Also added Lockheed boosters.

Entire rear suspension rebuilt including new suspension arms, uprights, bearings,Koni dampers, etc.

Custom fuel tank. Includes a "roll cage" to protect the tank. It is also smaller and now has space between rear of body and tank, roll bar also

****** update 20.02.2017 **********************************************************

1968 TVR Vixen S2 for sale.

Subject of a thorough restoration. Custom alloy fuel tank with tubular steel “cage” for protection. Roll bar and metal panels added between outrigger and chassis for seat attachment. New wiring harness with many fuses and remote controlled battery shut off.

I understand that TVR produced only 47 cars in 1968. Far fewer were S2’s and a handful were LHD cars. This car was originally sold by Tom’s Pit Stop in New Jersey. Very early S2. “Sausage Bonnet” wood dash and toggle switches. All suspension arms, uprights, bearings, bushes and dash replaced.

Chassis from a 1969 Vixen rebuilt by Powerslide Motorsports and powder coated. Original engine and transmission and differential rebuilt. New Koni shocks. U joints, and rear “half shaft” flanges replaced with new. I found parts for this restoration in the U.S. and UK that were considered unobtainable. All parts rebuilt and refinished to a very high standard. No expense spared. Painted the original Ford color Saluki Bronze. Five new wire wheels.

More photos available by e-mail upon request. Serious buyers only. Send request to

Original fuel tank and other original parts go with the car. Asking 37,500 U.S. dollars. Car located in eastern Pennsylvania, USA.

Current Owner:

Bob S.

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