Dave Schoenfeld's Vixen S2 - 1427/4

Last updated - 01.06.2004


I have a Vixen S2 s/n 14274 as best as I can read it and is what is on the registration. It appears to have been built in August of 1969, yet is registered as a 1970. It doesn't have the head restrianing seats like other 1970 cars, so I am puzzled.

I am the third owner. The second owner, a good friend, bought it in Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA from someone who had stashed it in the back of a garage with mismatched plugs and tires. The second owner put a Mazda 3b rotary engine in it, beefed up the suspension, took out the heater, and autocrossed it with racing slicks very successfully in Albuquerque for several years. He generally had "top time of day". After he got transfered to California and couldn't license it, it sat for another 11 years before I bought it and brought it to Thornton, Colorado.

I had it at track day at one of the local race tracks and the old GT6 brakes couldn't hold up to the Mazda engine and the pads delaminated from the backing plates. I went through a tire wall at about 80 mph. I learned how to do fiberglass on the front 24 inches of the car. I also changed the front brakes to 280Z trubo ventilated disks. They bolt right on with 4 inch 4 hole pattern. I made adapter plates to mount new Wilwood calipers on the uprights. The car stops well now. I haven't done the same to the rear brakes yet. The interior has pretty much rotted over the years and since the car is marginally streetable with 6 Konis and stiff springs and loud exhaust, I will probably finish just pulling the interior out and paint it flat black.

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Dave Schoenfeld

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