Darren Evans Vixen S2 LVX1529/4

Last updated - 29.01.2007


The car was a barn find, the person I bought the car from had many other cars on a farm. He intended to restore them but never got round to it. I was in colledge and looking for something a bit special. The car did have a Lotus twin cam in it,, but buy the time I came to buy the car, it had been sold to finance another project. The roof of the barn that the car had been stored in had been blown off, so the this mad man pulled the windows out thinking he was protecting the car and didnt cover it. As you can imagine the car was in a sorry state when I bought it.

It took me over 6 years to restore the car. Because it had no engine and the fact that I am not a purist, I decided to fit a Ford Zetec engine with throttle bodies fitted, giving about 175bhp (engine built by Scholar engines). Ford T9 5spd box was fitted for motorway cruising and custome made manifold and stainless exhaust. Other modifications included steel rear uprights, upgraded quil shafts, TR6 vented front disk brakes and a roll cage. A limited slipp diff from Quaife has been bought but not fitted. The car was finished with a metalic british racing green similiar to yours.

Unfortunately the car has no been off the road for a couple of years and needs some love, but at least its dry stored. The reason for the car being off the road is that I now have a Griffith as well.

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Darren Evans

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