Mark Wynn's Vixen S2 - LVX1493/4

Last updated - 17.04.2019


The car has been off the road for about 14 years. It was taken off the road to be converted to a track car and lots of parts were sold off.

The next owner bought the cars as essentially a box of bits when the provious owner decided he wouldn't get the car done, or lost interest. He then spent nearly 5 years sourcing parts and building the car up. The car wa nearly finished when circumstances dictated he had to let it go. The car was not advertised and I found out through a 3rd party. There is a little more work to do, but should be on the road April 2019.

Engine is a 1700 crossflow with forged pistons, rods and crank, stage 3 head, reasonably hot cam and twin 45s mean it should perform well. The original gearbox has been replaced by a 5speed type 9

Current Owner:

Mark Wynn

To contact the owner, please route inquiries through the registar.

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