Peter Bowling's Vixen S4 - 2477/4

Last updated - 04.04.2005


Owner ; Peter Bowling
Location ; Northampton England
TVRCC Member No. 22484
Car ; TVR Vixen S4
First registered ; 01/01/73
VIN ; 2477 / 4
Colour ; Blue ( orig white )
Reg ; VTD 728L
Condition ; Good (Condition 2)
I bought the car last year from a gentleman in York ( Yorkshire, UK ) who had owned the car for 20 years. Before that it had many and varied owners.
Good bodywork, reasonable mechanicals and a chequered cloth retrim !!! ( Soon to be returned to standard ). The previous owner had maintained the car well but hardly used itů..and wasn't particularly a car fan.

Current Owner:

Peter Bowling

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