Marc Thain's Vixen S4 - 2542/4

Last updated - 10.01.2012


Details of the car as follows :
Vixen S4 manufactured 1972 fitted with Kent engine, restoration carried out by Ian Bannister to a very high standard between 91-93, later sold to Mike Panetta who used the vehicle mainly in the Summer months.
Purchased by me in November 2003. The engine is bored out to 1700cc and is fitted with a 234 cam and some further tuning giving 102bhp at 5000rpm at the wheels. A number of sensible mods were carried out by Ian to the cooling and fuel system. I plan to use her mainly in the better weather for travelling to Classic events and having fun !


04.01.2012 update from new owner Marc Thain

I purchased this TVR Vixen S4 in August 2010 from a private collector.
The car was still in very good condition following a full restoration carried out by Ian Bannister in 1992/93. I have had it re-trimmed in black leather.
All the mechanicals and electrical equipment have been brought back into fully functioning some considerable expense!
This Vixen is in excellent and original condition which I think is now very rare indeed. I am limiting my use of the car to dry weather. It's great fun to drive around the country lanes where I live.
The engine is the 1600cc Ford Kent crossflow, bored to 1700cc, with a Kent 234 cam. It has the standard Weber twin choke 32/36DGV carburretor. It has been fitted with a Ford Sierra 5 speed Type 9 gearbox.

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Current Owner:

Marc Thain

Former Owner:

Ian Bannister

Mike Panetta

Martyn Griffiths (10/2010)

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