Paul Chaplin's Vixen S3 LVX1843/4

Last updated - 15.05.2009


I'm in the process of re-building a vixen series 3 first registered in 1971 . Reg No DTE 684J its chassis Number is LVX / 1843/4
The car I believe was owned in the 1980's in Stockton on Teesside , and then by my Uncle in Marske (also Teesside . He dismantled it with to a re-build, The chassis was re- built , and the engine was re-built. many of the rusty bits; hinge frames ,door mechanisms etc were re-placed by stainless steel. The shell was stripped for a re-spray . Then it sat for 16 yrs .
I have just taken it on as a project June 2005, and so far have replaced the bushes , done an inventory of missing bits and things that need re-placed together with buying loads on ebay and getting some great info through the various dealers, and guys/gals on the TVR pre 1980 site .
I've ordered a new stainless exhaust system , and have aquired a pair of Webber DECO 40'ies and plan to fit a stage 2 head and a fast road cam etc at some point to squeeze some extra umph out of her. I plan a re-spray and internal re-build of seats linings etc , also plan to fit a set of the four rear coil units ( a la series 2 vixen) as the setup seems very unbalanced and seems to give problems with the upright and lower pin. Thats about the saga so-far , when Ive gathered enough info I might set up a wee webpage etc , to help anyone currently engaged in a project like this - if you are by the way drop me an email - mutual wailing, and tales of woe are assured and any help/suggestions will always be welcome

Those of you who have followed the progress of this vixen S3 in Scotland on the Forum pre1980 tvr will know its now finished and on the road again .
It took 2.5 yrs and probably £20k and goodness knows how many hours of work.
Currently its pretty standard with ford xflow 1600 GT engine and single webber downdraft . The interior is finished in Black leather trimmed in yellow . I fitted the double rear damper arrangement in the end with reduced spring rates and it seems to handle ok. Its had everything replaced or refurbished on the mechanicals and it has poly bushes fitted all round . The body was stripped to below gelcoat dried in a oven and then gelcoated and painted up to top coat. Major headaches were the doors and window winder mechanisms for which I made several mods, the seat fixings which I uprated with alloy floor plates but found the original sliders jammed up on adjustment , so replaced with some ball race slides.
I did have carb problems once I got it on the road , with a reluctance to initially ‘go’ when the throttle was floored , turned out to be a problems with the spring system that injects fuel on initial acceleration, and a leak on the new fuel filter I fitted , anyway eventually replaced with a new ones and its now great .
Big smile when I drive it.
Future plans are to replace the four speed gearbox with a close ratio 5 speed box and once I get time to pull the engine and go to full stage 2 with twin Webbers . Will also be looking at increasing the padding in the seat as the hard suspension settings and springs Ive got make it somewhat tough on my rear.

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