Michael Harding's Vixen S3 LVX1927/4

Last updated - 12.05.2008


TVR Vixen S3 Chassis Number LVX1927/4 Reg Number GLX 10 J.

The car was owned for over 25 years by Peter Boulton who was a well known and active TVRCC member.
In the quest for more performance he converted it to V8 several years ago. The car was taken back to a bare chassis and rebuilt using genuine TVR Tuscan V8 parts including Salisbury LSD ,correct diff carrier and bushes, Tuscan V8 drive shafts, suspension etc..
Engine installed is a tuned Rover V8 using big valve heads and a Holley carburettor, conversion adaptors to allow the use of small block chrome Moroso rocker covers make the engine bay look very Tuscan V8 like. MGB V8 exhaust manifolds stainless exhaust system, uprated cooling system, oil cooler and remote filter and a 5 speed gearbox .
The usual major failing of this type of conversion is the steering but this is beautifully engineered. The paintwork is excellent original Cobalt blue with a very original interior including seats, wooden dashboard and nice headlining and carpets. Rewired.
Original and very rare Triplex toughened, non heated glass rear window. No sunroof. Original Tuscan alloy wheels including spare wheel and cover.
Performance is excellent without being dangerous and could easily be converted to 5.0 litre or Tuscan racer for the maniac element.
Handling is excellent because engine weighs little more than the original crossflow and brakes are more than adequate ( after all they are the same brakes as the "M" Series Turbo's but stopping much less weight).

Current Owner:

Michael Harding

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