Paul Wells Vixen S2 - LVX1538/4

Last updated - 30.12.2022


***** 18.04.2013 ********

First registered in the UK, 11.02.1970.

I purchased the car locally (cambs /essex border) a year ago. it had been parked (in a hedge!) for the past 22 years so is in a very poor condition.

I believe that another year or two would have taken it beyond the point of restoration. The original chassis (twin rear shock version) is so rotten I had to pick most of it up in bags after moving the rest of the vehicle. I have a new chassis and restoration is now underway.

The car will also be converted to HSA/MSA regulations for sprint and hillclimb, although I will also keep it in a road legal state.

******* update 14.01.2015 ************************

Full race engine. And straight cut Quaife gearbox, and bodywork progress.

******* update 23.04.2015 ************************

The newly completed full race engine, quaffed gearbox assembly.

******* update 05.04.2018 ************************

Hi , just some updated photos of my vixen S2.

The car is now in epoxy primer after 700 hours of bodywork repair ! Still lots to do before paint but getting there !

******* update 30.12.2022 ************************

Some news pics of my S2 restoration

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Paul Wells

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