Paul Eddy's Vixen S2 - LVX1316/F

Last updated - 24.06.2019


**** 14.05.2007 ****

This completely restored car is cream white with a yellow center-band racing stripe and black interior.
Engine is Ford kent 1600cc crossflow with a 3/4 race cam and two Webber 40DCOE carbs, to Soper Sport specification (an option as new with TVR) and a specially tuned suspension.
Practical modifications include a 5-speed transmission, a small 65 amp Delco alternator and electronic ignition.
This Vixen was recently invited to the most prestgious "100 Cars Of Radnor Concours d'Elegance" in Pennsylvania, U.S.A., where it was awarded a trophy in it's class.

**** 24.06.2019 ****

The designation of the S2 configuration: SUPER SPORT

Current Owner:

Paul Eddy

Former Owner:

Dale Binsberger

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