George Russell's Vixen S2 LVX1486/4

Last updated - 30.03.2006


We found this car, a very late S2 chassis number LVX1486/4.
Colour orange The car was left in a back gaden in Bolton for 18 years to rot.
We now have the car and it is being built onto a brand new chassis with big motor and hybrid salsbury rear end a la Tuscan.

Hello Folks.
Strip down and progress continues to be made at Northumberland open air car restoration facility. Chassis was stripped of all remaining useable parts before being put aside for reference / template.

Bodyshell has now also been fully stripped. Why are vixen door hinges such a swine to get out.
Just about every fixing on this car was seized solid and required grinding or drilled out.
Because the car has sat outside for so long I think the best course of action will be to blast the bodyshell and fully re-laminate the inside / underneath before attending to the gell coat crazing.

Current Owner:

George Russell

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