Mark Brown's S2 - LVX1394/4

Last updated - 26.09.2019


************** 11.05.2005 ************************************************

Hello, My name is John and I recently purchased a 1969 Vixen S2, LVX13944, I am located in upstate New York in the US.
I recently saw the vixen in some ones yard on my way to work and absolutely fell in love with it! At that time I had no clue what it was but I knew I had to have it! I stopped several times to see what it was and if it was for sale, but never made contact. After about 4 hours online I found out it was a TVR and then identifies it as a Vixen about 3 weeks later. I snapped a picture of it and dreamed of some day getting one. Then a friend of mind told me it had a for sale sign on it. I rushed over that day and bought it. 10 other people who had been stalking it stopped by after I did to make an offer! Thank God my friend mentioned it, otherwise I never would have got it!
Turns out this guy saw it in his garage at a lawn sale and bought it for $1000 hoping to restore it. His son wanted no part so he decided to sell it. The guy was so happy to see it go because people stopped almost everyday to ask him about it or to make an offer.
I paid $1500 for it. The 2nd owner threw a rod in it and replaced the motor. He did it again(you would think he would have learned the 1st time) and then garaged it for about 23 years....... I will be doing a complete rebuild, Interior is in great shape!! My wife and I are soooo excited to own such a unique car! I have begun to strip it down and plan on completing it in about 2 years as I work full time and also attend college part time.
I would appreciate any info in the States that could be helpful during my restoration.
Known needed parts...
Exhaust manifolds
Rear windsheild (current one is made of plexiglass)

************** update 23.10.2017 ************************************************

Purchased from Zappa Racing in Pittsburgh, need complete restoration.

New chassis; the original chassis of this car was donated somewhat recently to another Vixen 1260/F.

This car is destined for Historic Car Racing, we hope.

************** update 26.09.2019 ************************************************

Just completed full restoration to historic race car specifications.

Full roll cage, ATL fuel cell, plumbed lifeline extinguisher, race spec 1600 crossflow twin 45DCOE webers and quaife four speed gearbox.

Current Owner:

Mark Brown

Former Owner:

Zappa Racing

John Byron

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