Jean-Michel Bliard's Vixen S1 - VX138F

Last updated - 01.03.2004


I'have the original english paper ,"FCN 777 F", TVR Vixen 1600, regal red, GT, petrol, VX138F ,engine 18 gruh-9802, date of the original registration 6 march 1968,christopher haden Dean in the Devon.

I have bought this car in belgium 10 years ago at a men who say me have it for 8 years without touching,she was red and yellow ,transformed with an V6 essex broken. He give me an original photo of this car in race he say me at sylverstone.

>Before be red and yellow she was white,when i bought the car , the men give me the old bonnet,he was white whith the imatriculation "FCN 777 F" like this photo, also i think the auto have bean converted in V6 in belgium

i will be very happy to know lots of things of this car.

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Jean-Michel Bliard

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