Flavio Pérez Domínguez Vixen S1 - VX120/B

Last updated - 20.11.2017


The chassis number of my car is: VX 120 B. It has MG 1.8 engine and gearbox with overdrive.

As you can see the car is not in very good condition. I bought it more than 25 years ago in the state in which you see it. I am now very excited to restore it because due to different things I have not been able to start the restoration. When I bought it they were about to cut the roof to make it convertible !!!.

Least, I arrived on time and I was able to rescue him as you see it.

I'm trying to find a book to help me with the restoration, a manual workshop or something like that. Please, if you know of any book or document that can help me, I would be very grateful if you could tell me what it could be.

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Flavio Pérez Domínguez

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