Mike Shergold's Vixen S1 - VX224/F

Last updated - 24.06.2013


Reg - WWW777G

Date of first registration – 13/09/1968

Chassis number - 224 (I think, will confirm when I find the chassis plate!!)

Mileage – circa 65,200

I have owned this car since the early seventies. It has been the subject of very long term rebuild which has now stalled! I would like to sell to a good home as I no longer have time in my life to complete. The photos were taken a few years ago but the car has been garaged since then. Work done on the car over the years includes:

Body / Chassis

- Chassis frame stripped back to steel and painted in primer & Hammerite. All gel coat cracks have been opened up and filled. The car has many new brackets made e.g. bonnet hinges, brake servo bracket, door window frame stabilisers etc. The body surface was primed with a special fibreglass primer that enabled the achievement of an excellent finish with no bubbling. This appears to have been very successful on all panels except the driver side door. Car was beautifully finished in Jaguar Indigo Blue.


– All the trim has been remanufactured. Cardboard door cards and other trim items have been remade on a sheet aluminium panels for door cards, and gap fill panels. Headlining has been remade. Dash panel is still in original wood, although this would benefit from refinishing or perhaps replacement with a leather cloth trimmed version. Seats require re-trimming and there is no carpet as yet.


– car includes the original Perspex rear screen and glass side windows with manual winders. The front screen needs to be replaced. All new screen rubbers are available.


– Car has been completely rewired. Electric systems include new fan motor, Lumenition electronic ignition, refurbished starter and dynamo.


– 1600cc Ford crossflow has been re-bored with all new shells, chains etc. Vulcan head with new valves, seals, springs etc. Drive line has all new universal joints and new oil seals.


- Spax dampers, new bearings, bolts, track rod ends etc. In particular, the front uprights have been replaced with tuftrided versions for improved strength & longevity. All suspension and driveline fixings have been replaced with zinc plate passivated bolts and new Nyloc nuts. All suspension bushed are replaced with TVR originals. Brakes have new pads and seals. Wheels are TVR finned alloys, although original TR4 steel wheels are also available.

Much of this work was carried out several years ago so may need minor fettling to re-create the new car “feel

Current Owner:

Mike Shergold

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