Carl Russell's Vixen S1 - VX190/F

Last updated - 04.12.2012


Hi! I have just got hold of the car my father raced back in 1972. It is in need of a full restoration.

Registration Number; VMC498G

Chassis Number; VX-190-F

Date of Reg; 11-10-1968

My father raced this car back in 1972. He bought it in London and represented Wales several times with it.

The attic is full of cups! It was built by John Britten and has the original 1600GT engine and 1600E gearbox.

It will need a full restoration as it has been parked in a garden under cover for about 35 years. Most of the bits are still there but I will be after a few original parts.

I am so happy to own my fathers car as I was only 1 yrs old when I first watched him race this very car. Not that I knew anything about that at the time.I look forward to sending you some new pics as the project goes on.

Current Owner:

Carl Russell

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