Elden Lindamood's Vixen S1 - VX210/F

Last updated - 28.03.2013


Car must have been produced in 1968, but registered in the USA in 1969.

The following is a brief history and status report.

Pretty on the outside, ugly underneath.

VX210F was originally purchased in the UK by an American serviceman and imported to the US in 1969. He owned it for about 20 years before passing it on to his son, who held onto it for about 10 more years. Suffering from frame rot and lack of regular maintenance, the car changed hands numerous times between 2000 and 2013, and is now in northern Minnesota.

The car has been registered in PA, CA, WA, ID, HI and MN

The car had its original paint and finishes until 2010, when it was stripped and repainted (not so well) in Hawaii. At that time the rotted frame members were cut out and replaced while the body was still on the car, so it was rather half-assed if not dubious, and the car still could use a new frame. Otherwise the car is fairly original, with most of its interior intact. The engine block was replaced early on by the original owner, but is per original specification.

The car had center-laced wire wheels very early in its life (if not right away), although the current chrome ones were added by the Hawaii owner. The S2 style bonnet probably didn’t come on the car from the factory, but it has been on the car since at least 1980.

Despite its good exterior appearance, the car needs restoration. The wiring is a mess, and as mentioned the frame is botched. The car appears to be rather hastily slapped together after being painted, and could use a thorough “sorting out”. I intend to tidy it up to be drivable for the time being, and take it all apart in a few years. There aren’t many unmolested S1 Vixens left, so I am proud to own this example despite its shortcomings, and hope to one day make it top-notch.

Current Owner:

Elden Lindamood, USA

Former Owner:

Peter Konkel, USA

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