Mitch Goldstein's Vixen S1 - VX199/F

Last updated - 23.07.2010


I just found and bought a Vixen S1.
It's in rough but restorable shape.
I found this car sitting behind some goat pens in Lancaster South Carolina .
It was parked there almost 20 years ago by the previous owner's son due to electrical problems.
I've recovered the car and plan to restore and possibly vintage race it.
I've been involved with British cars for many years but I've never run into a car as interesting
as this one.

UpDate 2009: The car is now running and driving but not restored


UpDate 07/2010
Here's a couple of pictures of the car as it is today.
I've added the wider Griffith style wheels. I removed the old paint and covered the already damaged exposed fiberglass with colored primer to help protect it. The car is still very rough but still fun to drive!

Current Owner:

Mitch Goldstein

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