James Kuhlman's Vixen S1 - VX143

Last updated - 31.05.2006


I purchased this car as a package deal of two wrecked cars.
As I recall the other car was an 1800 which had no serial number plate. I ended up using the main body shell from the 1800 and the nose from the Vixen. The 1800 chassis was hit in the front and non repairable. The Vixen chassis was hit on the drivers side and also non repairable. I built my own chassis incorporating a roll cage, installed a Ford 302 cu in engine and a Ford 4 speed transmission.
The rear was a Maverick V8 rear with my design 3 link suspension. The front suspension was Mustang/Pinto with some revisions including 11" disc brakes. The car was rebuilt as an Autocross only vehicle and has won a number of events.
Attached is a picture of the car at the SCCA Autocross Nationals in 98, one of the last times it was raced. It has been in storage since 99.

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James Kuhlman

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