Car is sold, new owner unknown Tuscan V6 LVX7814/6 (LVX1814/6)

Last updated - 07.03.2017


********* 29.06.2009 ***********************************************

I've bought it from Ben McGhee, a guy from Belper in Derbyshire, England.
He has owned the car from june 2008, and the owner before him did a total body-off restoration in the early nineties.

The car has only minor flaws at this moment, but the paint job is really bad quality.
So at this moment the car is still red, but will probably get a new colour next winter.
It has covered 59000 miles from new, is fitted with the original Essex engine (painted red as well), and an overdrive 4-speed gearbox.

Meanwhile I had the car registered in Belgium.
All the technical issues have been solved, apart from some details. It's now in between condition 2 (excellent) and 3 (very good).
The paint didn't seem so bad after all and the interior is now in top condition. All the brightwork has been cleaned thoroughly, and I also replaced some wiring.
I'm planning to replace the plexi rear window for a glass rear window for a cleaner look, and the only issue that has to be solved are te differential mounts which are worn and cause a vibriation through the car at higher speeds. I plan to do this before the Goodwood Revival Meeting next september.
I've also fitted a set of very soft compound snow tire (yes! snow tires!) and they seem to do the job like nothing else! Very grippy and excellent in the wet!

********* 07.03.2017 ***********************************************

As of august 2016 the Tuscan V6 LVX1814/6 is no longer in my possession.

The car was sold to Marc Minne (former TVR importer in Belgium), who sold it shortly afterwards to a TVR specialist (I have no idea which one) in Britain.

I have owned the car from 02/2009 until 08/2016. During that time, it was registered as 299-AMM in Belgium. The previous British registration number was MBP879J, from the moment of its first registration on 18/02/1971 until I brought it to Belgium.

British law does not allow to re-register a car on a former registration number, but the new registration must end with the J-suffix as was appliccable at the moment of its first registration. Due to a mistake in British administration, the VIN of the car has changed at some point. If anyone contacts you and states the car is actually registered as LVX7814/6, then it is the very same car. I have tried to correct the fault, but Belgian administration is not open for discussion on that topic. Now it is probably back in Britain, it might be easier to change this back to it's original VIN.

Current Owner:


Former Owner:

Ben McGhee, UK

Björn Puyenbroeck, Belgium

Marc Minne, Belgium

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