Andrew Gray's Tuscan V6 LVX1330/6

Last updated - 14.10.2015


Here are some pictures of my V6 Tuscan LVX1330/6

This car was converted to V8 a number of years ago and in recent years was put back on the road and then offered for sale however much of the car was either in bad condition such as the interior and many of the parts used where not period parts.

After purchasing we decided that there where two routes we could take restore her back to V6 or do as complete as possible conversion to V8SE spec.

Many convert Vixens and Tuscans to V8 Engines however the V8 SE Cars had many unique features the interior being totally different and other features some we have not done however as time goes bye some other features will be changed.

We then looked at the artists impression in the book 100 great car interiors that showed a V8 Tuscan Long wheel base which was very much a long wheel version of Martin Lilleys ML500 however a bar had never been built like the one in the book so that sealed it and we decided to use that image as the basis for the Build.

The work has taken nearly 2 years of both research and work but she is finally on the road she runs a 302 as fitted to some of the last V8s that went to the USA and she is running a later Tremic T5 english TVR gear box with Mc Loud Clutch etc.

Here are a few pictures of her finally finished if they ever are Finished ?

All the suspension whas done to V8 factory spec and the wheels and tyres are now factory spec

We have had great fun building the car and was delighted to meet recently a previous owner of ML500 who was amazed at how close we had replicated that car but in long wheel base spec

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Andrew Gray

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