History of TVR Tuscan V6

Built 1969 - 1971
Numbers 101
Chassis 7'6" wheelbase chassis - as S2, but it had servo assisted brakes like the Tuscan V8. Double wishbone coil spring suspension.
Engine Ford Essex 3 litre V6
Comment S2 and S3 Vixens with larger V6 engines.
The gearing was considerably higher than that of the Vixen which enabled a top speed of 125 mph.
The Tuscan V6 used the Salisbury differential and final drive unit used in the Tuscan V8 unlike the four cylinder Vixens that used smaller differentials from BMC or Triumph.
It also had a special Tuscan V6 badge, twin exhaust tailpipes and of course a distinctive exhaust note from the V6 engine.
Generaly accepted not to handle as well as the cars with the lighter straight 4 engine these cars nonetheless caused a stir in the press.

Straightline performance was excelent.