History of TVR VIXEN S2

Built 1968 - 1970
Numbers 438
Chassis New 7'6" wheelbase chassis Double wishbone coil spring suspension.
Engine Ford Kent 1600
Comment Built on a new longer wheelbase chassis the new Vixen body has longer door openings. The latest body has MKII Cortina rear lights and a new side vent design. The body now bolts on to the chassis rather than being bonded like all the previous models, a great help to restorers.

The body was almost identical to the LWB Tuscan body, with longer doors, and Cortina Mk2 tail lamps replaced the round Mk1 lamps. The bonnet had a long bulge running from front to rear, which has subsequently become known as the 'sausage' bonnet.
Required to clear emissions equipment for the US market but unpopular with British buyers, the 'sausage' was replaced by the Tuscan bonnet.

Many reckon this chassis is still the best TVR has ever made. Handling is sharp, progressive and, of course, fun.