Some history of the TVR Griffith 200

Gary had purchased the car around 1983 from a person in Pittsburg. He sold the car to Bill Lauro in 1984 or 1985.

1983 to 1985 Gary Slutz (Ohio, USA)
1985 to 1986 Bill Lauro (Southern Pines, N.C., USA)
1986 to 1989 sold to England
1989/1990 David Gerald sold the car to Dieter Hensius in Germany Stuttgart
1990 to 2010 Dieter Hensius (Stuttgart, Germany)
2010 Antonio Steinhäuser (Hochheim, Germany)

From Gary
I purchased it from a person in Pittsburgh, Pa. around 1983, and then sold it to a person by the name of Bill Lauro in 1984 or 1985.

When I purchased the Griffith, I was told it had a Boss 302 CU. IN. engine in it. I never checked though. While I had it, I added an NOS (NOS Nitrous Oxide Systems) to it. I think it added 100+ H.P. to the car.
I then added a Holly 780 CFM carburetor. I also purchased a Jaguar XKE rear end to install, but didn't get around to it. I sold it with the car though.
When I had the Griffith it was in good un-restored condition, although I think it had a repaint prior to my purchase, but unsure. It had no rust on the tubes then either.

From Bill Lauro:
Sure am glad to see that car is still as nice as it was when I had it.You can see on the intake manifold that there is a plug of 1/4 inch above each cylinder, that is were I had the Nitrous Oxide system fed into the engine.This was one fast car when I had it. I also installed the Jaguar rear end.Good luck with it and send a photo now and then.

Gary was right on the engine being a 302 boss and the rear end that was in it was a TVR and Gary had the Jaguar rear end but was not installed, he gave it to me when I bought the car.I installed new Toyo180 MPH tires,had a custom exhaust installed,new A frame on right rear end,the engine had a Holly 650 double pumper on it.I owned the car for about a year and half when a fellow from England called to buy the car,met him at the airport and he payed cash, took the car to a boat yard in New Jersey for the trip back to England. Sorry but have no idea what his name was or how